Ongoing Classes

MOVE: Movement Nourishment

Our bodies need a full range of movement nutrients to stay happy and healthy. In this class, we will move our joints safely through their full range of motion by consciously engaging the surrounding muscles and supporting tissue. We will squat, crawl, get down, get up, roll, bounce, articulate, circle, swivel, and play. This class draws its inspiration from natural movement, primal movement, Functional Range Conditioning, Foundation Training, dance, and more. Benefits of coming to class include increased body awareness, usable ranges of motion, agility, strength, balance, ease, pain relief, and injury prevention. Appropriate for all adult bodies.


9-10 AM

The Light House: Ashland 217 4th st. #2 (upstairs)
Ashland, Oregon 97520

$11-$22 suggested donation

Elemental Body™: Restore your core and pelvic floor

Elemental Body™, originally created for postpartum women, is a holistic exercise method that gently re-educates the body to heal core related injuries such as diastasis recti, incontinence (leaky bladder), prolapse, pelvic pain, and low back pain. Learn safe and effective core work for your unique body resulting in functional core strength, stress reduction, improved posture, and more grace and ease in everything that you do.
This class is not about ‘getting your body back’. It’s about honoring your experience and getting the support to fully land in who you are now. Come to class if you’re ready to heal your core, prevent future core dysfunctions, or want a more aware, empowered, and reverent connection to your center.


12-1 PM

The Light House: Ashland 217 4th st. #2 (upstairs)
Ashland, Oregon 97520

This is a video of my two primary teachers for this work, Lara Catone and Leslie Howard, talking about women’s pelvic floor health. I have completed both of their teacher training programs.

$11-$22 suggested donation

One time Classes and Workshops

Sensual Dance Fusion: Let your erotic expression play through dance

Sensual Dance Fusion explores and celebrates the pulse of our life-giving instincts and fullness of our feminine sensual nature through movement and dance.
Class begins with embodiment practices to drop deep into body wisdom and subtle sensation. From there we move into a sensual warm-up of sexy stretches, strengthening, dance moves, and strutting before diving into fun choreography. My desire for this class is to alchemize the healing nature of improvisational free-form movement with dance technique and choreography to encourage your full range of safe erotic expression and transformative potential.
This class is all levels and no dance experience is necessary, only a desire to explore your full spectrum feminine sensual nature through movement and dance. 

Thursday February 21st

7:30-9 PM

The Light House: Ashland 217 4th st. #2 (upstairs)
Ashland, Oregon 97520


Past Workshops

Visiting the Vulva: Terrain, Touch, and Technique for Endless Pleasure

The common script is that women don’t want sex as much as men.
Au contraire!
What’s more accurate is that women often don’t want the kind of sex they’re being offered. Female-bodied pleasure is nearly invisible in popular culture and there’s so much more to vulva pleasure than the clitoris and vagina.
Come learn the anatomy of arousal for people with vulvas; how sexual energy moves, where the pleasure parts are, how they work, and how they might like to be touched.
This class will be fun, informative, interactive, and embodied. You will leave with new information, touch skills, communication skills, and reverence for the vivacious vulva!

No nudity or sexual activity on people in this class.

All vulva owners, operators, and those curious about them welcome!

Tuesday January 29th

7-9 PM

Love Revolution 383 E Main St. Ashland OR 97520