Hey there! 

I’m Emily Athena, and I’ve worked in the field of movement for fourteen years, with almost 20 years of prior dance training.

Movement is my guide, my passion, the cause of my most intense pain and source of my greatest healing and joy. She’s the mysterious muse who chose me as a lifelong apprentice.

I’ve sprained my back, bulged a disc in my neck, and torn a hip muscle, all while dancing. I know what it’s like to live with excruciating pain, and that healing is always possible. I believe in movement as a healing modality because physical pain and physical work are not merely physical. Pain is a messenger, and movement is a tool to move energy through.

My movement background is extensive. You ready for this?


Ballet, Contemporary Dance (BFA), Aerial Dance, Belly Dance, Martial Arts (I broke boards), Yoga, Pilates (certified), Personal Training (certified), Barre and TRX instructor (certified), Tracy Anderson Method Instructor, Contact Improvisation, Circus, Sword balancing, Sensual Dance, Authentic Movement, Continuum, Klein Technique, Elemental Body (Postpartum core rehab- certified), Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, Foundation Training, and Resistance Flexibility.

Some highlights include dancing with Dancing People Company (Ashland, OR), The Vau de Vire Society Circus (San Francisco, CA), and Metamorphosis (Novato, CA), as well as being a guest teacher/choreographer at Universidad de las Americas Puebla (Puebla, Mexico). I had the honor of training celebrity clients at The Tracy Anderson Method and apprenticing to Lara Catone, creatrix of Elemental Body (Postpartum core rehab).

Aside from all the movement training, I attended The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty, becoming a certified somatic sex educator and practitioner of women’s holistic sexuality. Currently, I’m enrolled in the three years Somatic Experiencing® Professional Training Program to become a trauma resolution practitioner.

Why sex and trauma education and work? Because contacting these parts of myself has resulted in exponential jumps in my healing and maturation process. I’ve found that sex education is about so much more than just sex; it’s more like human education. It’s normalized so much of what I thought was wrong with me. Reclaiming the repressed and shamed parts of myself while finding the courage and words to state my needs is true personal empowerment. Beyond the personal growth, the purpose of this work is for widespread cultural change. In the time of #metoo, I see this as the answer.

The culmination of all my experience and studies has brought me to the work I offer today. I provide core and pelvic floor re-education sessions, particularly helpful for those with core or pelvic floor dysfunctions, holistic movement sessions for healing through movement, and somatic sex coaching for radical empowerment and the highly individualized sex education you probably never received.

I weave and synthesize different practices, tailoring them to the needs of my clients and the moment at hand. I am trauma-informed well aware of my scope of practice.

Embodiment is the thread that ties all my work together. I believe the body is the unconscious mind; the storehouse of unexpressed emotions and experiences. Given the right support, safety, and environment, the body will do what it needs to do to process and heal. My job is to provide that for you.

You can heal. You can befriend your body. You can reclaim your sexual sovereignty, agency, and power. You can feel better. I can help.

With unconditional positive regard,