I’m here to help you feel better and more at home in your body. The work I do is integrative and holistic, meaning ALL of you is welcome and we will explore healing from different angles. All three of my offerings can weave together into a single session, or they can be separate.

Sessions are available in person, at your home or a private studio in Ashland OR, as well as remotely. 

*New Client Special* Receive $100 off your initial 1.5 hour session plus two 1 hour follow up sessions. In person or online. CONNECT with me or BOOK A SESSION to get started.

Sexual Wellness Coaching 

You are not broken. The narratives you’ve been given about sex are.

Sexuality is at the core of our being. It’s how we all came to exist. Its energy is vital and generative. And yet, any information about, or contact with, this part of ourselves is usually relegated into the shadows of fear, shame, or distortion. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Through the gentle work of reclamation and rediscovery, you can live into a new story.

It’s time to take sexuality out of exile and integrate the power of pleasure back into the wholeness of who you are.

Sexual Wellness Coaching gives you a personalized sexual education that includes ALL of your parts—brain, body, sexual energy, cycles, pleasure, desire, and arousal. Together we will gently uncover limiting cultural stories and your own beliefs about sexuality that are keeping you stuck while inviting your unique erotic essence home in celebration.

Holding the complex notion that sex is not separate from the rest of life, some areas we can address are:

  • Sexual Anatomy: Because you can’t feel what you don’t know

  • Menstrual cycle tracking and literacy

  • Fertility Awareness Method

  • Orgasm: How it works and how to have them

  • Arousal: How to get turned on

  • Desire: Finding it and letting it guide you

  • Compassionate and effective communication

  • Pleasure: Un-shame it and increase your capacity for it

  • Cultivate authentic sensual and sexual practices

  • Harness sexual energy to create the life you want

  • Learn tools for superhero sex

  • Embodying new sexual archetypes

All sessions are trauma-informed and you set the pace. Through inquiry, embodiment, reflection, education, practice, and presence you can change your sexual reality to one that you love and adore.

I work with women, men, those who identify outside of the binary, and couples. Sessions can be in person or virtual.

If you’re not ready for a coaching session, but would like to take a step toward your sexual wellness, consider getting my online sexuality classes. They are pre-recorded so you can watch anytime from your computer or phone. Go HERE to learn more.


“I greatly appreciated your class. It was very good and expanded my knowledge of the vulva and my techniques. I was able to put the information that you taught to practical use right away. The feedback I received was incredibly positive! Different sensations, a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend taking classes with you to people who want to deepen their understanding pleasure and connection to themselves and their partner.” - Scott

“Another wonderful class!!!! YAH. You are a fabulous asset to Love Rev and the community at large. I hope you continue to offer lots of great classes.” - Francesca

“I was lucky enough to attend one of Emily Athena's classes, Anal 101. Through her genuine openness and ability to meet everyone in the class 'where they were' she created an environment in which taboo vanished and information flowed between presenter and participants. It was comfortable, informative, body positive and just generally a really lovely experience. I will certainly be going back for whatever other offerings await.” - Michael