Emily Athena | Performance
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Emily Athena is a versatile and seasoned performer. Her eclectic background and style make her a chameleon, able to shape shift into many different styles of dance or characters. She has extensive experience working in companies and groups, performing in many different environments and events, as well as dancing solos and partnering. She can pick up choreography very quickly and will always dazzle the audience with her charm. She is a dancer tried and true, dancing professionally for over ten years, and will bring that magic to any stage or event.


Current Skills include:
– Acrobatic sword balancing
– Pointe
– Burlesque and Swordlesque
– Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Belly Dance
– Contact Improvisation and Partnering


Emily is available for performance, teaching, rehearsal direction, private coaching, and choreography. CONNECT with her.