Emily Athena | Movement Medicine
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Core and Pelvic Floor Re-education   Holistic Movement   Sexual Wellness

Liberate your authentic
sensual expression.

Come home to your body.

Discover your capacity for pleasure.

Let your body move you.

Listen to the spark inside.

Hello and welcome. I’m Emily. I am a…

  • – Dance artist

  • – Core and pelvic floor specialist

  • – Movement teacher/trainer

  • – Somatic sex educator 

All of these titles weave together to create my body based healing practice for thriving health through embodiment, education, and empowerment.


My mission is for every woman to know her worth; to have agency over her body, access to in the moment choice, and the ability to use her voice. I believe worth comes from knowing and learning to love ALL parts of ourselves, while somatically reintegrating the parts that were exiled or shamed. This is why I teach about sexuality and holistic health from a body based perspective. Embodied knowledge truly is power.


The Time is Now for women to stand in their fullness.


I support women so that women can better support themselves, their families, and communities.


How can I support you?  

Elemental Body

Holistic Movement

Sexual Wellness

Holistic Sexual Wellness

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