I’m here to help you feel better and more at home in your body. The work I do is integrative and holistic, meaning ALL of you is welcome and we will explore healing from different angles. All three of my offerings can weave together into a single session, or they can be separate.

Sessions are available in person, at your home or a private studio in Ashland, OR, as well as remotely. 

*New Client Special* Receive $100 off your initial 1.5 hour session plus two 1 hour follow up sessions. In person or online. CONNECT with me or BOOK A SESSION to get started.

Somatic Movement Training 

Based on the belief that the body is wise, Somatic Movement Training fosters healing and thriving through conscious and intentional movement. Think of it as a mix of personal training, movement therapy, creative expression, and life coaching. This practice uses movement as the medicine to not only heal and strengthen physical challenges but also to process emotional material.

No matter what your regular movement practice is, Somatic Movement Training can help you become a better mover by relieving pain, building confidence, and creating agility, flow, ease, and balance in not only your body but your whole being.

Our bodies thrive physically on new stimuli. We grow through the balance of challenge and rest. Our bodies also have a miraculous way of processing emotions and self-healing when given the right environment to do so. Somatic Movement Training gives you all of this in one practice. Imagine feeling stronger, more supple, calm yet energized, more present, and more in tune with your body. It’s possible. All you have to do is commit to showing up to do the work, and I’ll be your guide.



“As a person who has been involved in physical activity my entire life I know the importance of an educated and inspiring teacher and Emily is just that. While working with Emily I felt challenged and supported in every way one could hope to be while working towards their fitness goals. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful and dependable. During our time together my body was transformed to become strong and functional. I gained strength, confidence and was inspired to teach others what I learned. Her knowledge of anatomy and functional movement helped me not only gain muscle but allowed my body to learn healthy sustainable movement patterns. She motivated me to become the best version of physical self that I could be. Her patience was key during moments of self-doubt and her sense of humor kept me engaged while having fun. My time with her is irreplaceable and I am a better person for the time I spent working with her. She never forced me to unhealthy places but always challenged me to push past my comfort zone where progress is achieved. What a joyful presence she has. I am thankful for her dedication to helping others achieve health and fitness. She truly is one-of-a-kind.” - Rachel


“The only way I can describe working with Emily is ‘healing through movement’. I haven’t always felt very in touch with my body, but have been practicing and learning for the last few years. With Emily’s guidance, I found new ways to experience, express and connect to aspects of myself that needed to be seen and heard. My feminine, my emotions, even dark or wounded aspects at times. I laughed, cried, felt, healed, held and received. I expected to dance and move, but working with Emily is always so much more than that. I felt and experienced parts of my body with an awareness that I did not have prior. I have carried that knowledge with me and use it to continue moving and healing my body on my own, to reduce pain, process emotion and know myself better. I’ve never met anyone that understands the power and possibility of movement on the level that she does. I don’t think it’s possible to really know Emily until you have danced and moved with her. And I highly recommend you try it.” - Amber