I’m here to help you feel better and more at home in your body. The work I do is integrative and holistic, meaning ALL of you is welcome and we will explore healing from different angles. All three of my offerings can weave together into a single session, or they can be separate.

Sessions are available in person, at your home or a private studio in Ashland, OR, as well as remotely. 

*New Client Special* Receive $100 off your initial 1.5 hour session plus two 1 hour follow up sessions. In person or online. CONNECT with me or BOOK A SESSION to get started.

Elemental Body

“My stomach looks like I work out all the time, but it’s so much easier than that! I just did a photo shoot with my stomach showing and everyone kept saying they couldn’t believe I was a mother.” - Tracy, a happy client.

Elemental Body, originally created for postpartum women, is a holistic exercise program that gently re-educates the body to help heal core related injuries such as diastasis recti, incontinence (leaky bladder), prolapse, pelvic pain, and low back pain. This practice combines exercise therapy, functional movement, therapeutic modalities, and dance for functional core strength, stress reduction, improved posture, and a more grace, strength, and ease in everything that you do.

Elemental Body is a safe and effective practice that can not only help to heal injuries, but also support you in feeling at home and thriving in you body.

There is no body to get back. It never left you. It performed the incredible feat of childbirth and every other task you asked of it and is still with you today, wiser than before. Instead of wishing to become who you were before, take all the gems of your hard-earned experience and become the best version of yourself NOW. It is possible.



“I am so grateful to have had Emily’s help in recovering my body and ability to dance after two pregnancies, births, and a re-injury I experienced from pushing myself too hard in a Pilates workout. Within a week of our first session and doing the exercises just a few minutes a day my waistline shrank back down and my stomach started to look normal again. We did another session and now, 4 weeks later, I am almost completely recovered! I am already safely back to 80% of my usual dance and yoga practice. The sagging skin on my belly is almost completely gone, and when I stand up my stomach looks tighter and flatter than it has since before pregnancy! I have seen way better results from doing something that I can do in bed, driving, sitting, whatever, than from the Pilates workouts that I was killing myself to do before! My stomach looks like I work out all the time, but it’s so much easier than that! I just did a photo shoot with my stomach showing and everyone kept saying they couldn’t believe I was a mother. Additionally, my pelvic floor is so much stronger now and I no longer pee when I sneeze or do jumps in Ballet! I feel like Emily saved my life as a dancer. I highly recommend a session with her to any mother, no matter how long it’s been since pregnancy and birth.” - Tracy  


“Working with Emily was fantastic - she really listened to what I needed and pushed me towards my goals. In even a short time, I could really feel a difference in my body (and my mood)! Emily also has a great way with people so it was always a pleasure to spend time and chat with her while working out. I highly highly recommend her!” - Jenna

“Through meeting with Emily, I have been able to grow stronger and more confident in my body after having two surgeries. After just a few sessions, I feel like I have the tools necessary to continue to grow in mind and body.” - Laura