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Does a heart break?
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Stop Drop and Art.

LOVE. She’s a powerful thing. Experiencing her fullness is ecstasy and experiencing her decline is almost unbearable.


I believe that the more love we allow in, the more pain we will feel from the loss of it. Our capacity to be with emotion expands spherically. The higher the highs, the lower the lows. Just like the seasons. You can’t have the height of summer without the depth of winter.


Does a heart break? Yes the literal organ does, as in a heart attack, but what about our energetic hearts? Recently when I mentioned my broken heart to someone, they said no my heart isn’t broken. First, that statement disregards my truth and experience. Second, I believe that may be overly positive thinking, bypassing if you will, and I prefer to be with the entire pallet of human experience.

While I do believe my heart is broken, I don’t believe that’s necessarily a bad thing. If bones break and heal then so can hearts, even if a scar always exists. Denying the break, the depth of the pain, will not get us further in the healing process. By contrast, bypassing emotions will keep them around (and unconsciously dictating our behaviors) longer than being present with and learning from them.


Let’s look at this from a scientific perspective, because as much as I am a somatic feeling mystical human creature, I also enjoy the nerdery of science to back up my feelings.


Numerous empirical studies have found that there are two primary sites in your brain that light up during the period after a breakup. One is the same part that triggers addiction withdrawal while the other is the same as if you injured yourself (I.e when break ups literally feel like pain). The process is not dissimilar to that of falling in love (I.e addiction to falling in love).


Memories and emotions live in the same part of the brain that controls the autonomic nervous system, the stress or rest response. A memory can trigger an emotion that can trigger a stress response.


For example, I heard a song the other day that stopped me dead in my tracks. This song triggered the memory of my broken heart. I felt the rush of adrenaline and other neuropeptides fill my body and memories of lost longing love fill my mind. In this moment I had a choice; ignore this and carry on with my day, go way into it and let myself cry, or take my broken heart and turn it into art (or as I call it, stop, drop, and art).


This is what came out of my stop, drop, and art experience. Through processing my emotions in this way, I let them safely express and then came back to my center feeling more grounded than and fuller than before.


Stop. Drop. and Art. Always a good idea. 🙂


From my mended heart to yours,



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