Emily Athena | Work With Me
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I’m here to help you feel better in your body. The work I do is integrative and holistic, meaning ALL of you is welcome here and we will explore healing from different angles. All three of my offerings can weave together into a single session, or they can be separate.


Sessions are available in person, at your home or a private studio, as well as remotely. CONNECT with me for inquires, rates, and to schedule a consultation.

Elemental Body™ (formerly Restore Your Core):

Restore Your Core

The alternative to live with it or have surgery.


Elemental Body, originally created for the postpartum mom, is a holistic exercise program that gently reeducates the body to help heal core related injuries such as diastasis recti, incontinence (leaky bladder), prolapse, pelvic pain, and low back pain. This practice combines elements of yoga, bio mechanics, therapeutic modalities, nutrition, and dance for functional core strength, stress reduction, improved posture, and a greater connection to your amazing body in everything that you do.
The benefits of Elemental Body can be absolutely life changing to someone living with core related injuries. Elemental Body is a safe and effective practice that can not only help to heal injuries, but also support moms in feeling at home and thriving in their new bodies. Instead of ‘getting your body back’, become the best version of yourself NOW.


Holistic Movement: 

      The body never lies; we just need to learn how to listen.


Based on the belief that the body is wise, Holistic Movement cultivates efficiency and versatility of movement, while fostering freedom of expression. No matter what your regular movement practice is, this practice can help you become a better mover by relieving pain, building confidence, and creating agility, flow, ease, and balance in your body.
Our bodies have a miraculous way of processing emotions and self-healing. I will safely guide you to uncover what your body needs to say. This leads to more freedom, integration, and rejuvenation.
Modalities I use include guided breath practices, authentic movement, sensual dance, somatic release techniques, corrective exercise, yoga, martial arts, and more to help guide the body into efficiency and freedom.

 Women’s Sexual Wellness:

Holistic Sexual Wellness
Reconnect to your power and pleasure. 


Almost no one had a comprehensive sex education. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. It’s time to take sexuality out of shadow and shame and integrate its power and pleasure into the wholeness of who you are.


Receive a personalized sexual education that includes ALL of your parts—brain, body, sexual energy, cycles, pleasure and the complete female arousal system.
We will gently uncover limiting cultural stories and your own beliefs about female sexuality. Invite your feminine essence home through sensual movement and breath practices in a safe and intentional space.


As you arrive into full erotic expression, you can harness that power to create the life you desire.